Istanbul is a beautiful and historical city of Turkey. It is junction between two continents i.e. Asia and Europe. Istanbul is also famous because it is considered as the city of fantasy, reality and the magic.

If you are interested in visiting Istanbul, then here are five best places to visit in Istanbul Turkey.

5 Famous & Best Places To Visit in Istanbul

best places to visit in Istanbul
The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

1# The Blue Mosque

If you are in Istanbul, then you have a good chance to see the beautiful Blue Mosque covered with blue tiles.

This mosque is beautifully designed by the architect. Sultan Ahmad tomb is also in the Blue Mosque.

2# Top Kapi Palace

This grand and delightful structure has been the place of Turkish rulers for over 400 years, and it was also the main administrative point of the Ottoman Empire.

It is situated on the Seraglio Point, between the Golden Horn and the ocean of Marmara. The royal residence, today one of the most attractive destinations, comprises of four patios and numerous littler structure all built together.

3# Kapali Carsi

Kapali is the biggest bazar of Istanbul there are a lot of markets in this bazar with the 4400 shops and there are every kind of product available like clothes, handmade cermacic, jewelry, carpets, and spices.

4# Galata Tower

Galata tower is the best attraction for the tourists in the Istanbul. It is a medieval stone pinnacle worked in 1348 in the Galata quarter that was utilized for the most part as a jail and a fire-observatory.

On the top of the tower, you will discover additionally a café with a patio where you can have the tasty Turkish food with the panoramic and beautiful Old Istanbul and the Bosphorus sea.

5# Hagia Sophia

This is the historical museum of Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was conquered by Sultan Mehmet during the conquest of Istanbul.

In Hagia Sophia you can discover excellent mosaics and tombs of main Ottoman rulers that are presently open to the general public.

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