5 Best SEO Tools You Should Know


SEO Tools are highly important when you are planning to optimize your content or websites. These SEO tools greatly help in keyword research and show various keywords matrics including Keyword search volume, CPC (Cost Per Click), and Keyword difficulty.

If you are interested in learning about best SEO tools, then here are the best tools which you can use for your search engine optimization.

Best SEO Tools

Best SEO Tools

1# SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools which you can use in 2020 for keyword research SEO purpose. It is a paid tool and also the most famous online search engine online tool in the SEO industry.

You just need to search a word via available search dialogue box and then SEMrush SEO checker will share keyword search volume, difficulty level, and contending organizations that effectively rank for it.

2# Google Keyword planner

It is a leading free SEO tool and most reliable for search engine optimization as it is connected with search engine and show all the real time data.

However, it is not built specifically for SEO purpose but for advertisers who intend to run PPC campaigns via Google AdWords. So, if you wanna use it, you need to sign up via your Google account for Google AdWords and do your SEO activity.

This tool has some features like discovering keyword and looking at keywords metrics.

3# Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is a great tool which is freely available online. The most interested this is that this tool is developed by Neil Patel who is famous SEO and digital marketing expert.

This is a great tool where you can do SEO keyword research and get to know about various other keyword metrics for optimizing your content.

4# Keyword.io

Keyword.io is an awesome keyword research tool which you can use for your Goolge, YouTube, Alibaba, Wikipedia and Amazon campaigns.

This tool is best for finding longtail keywords for your search engine optimization campaigns.

5# Moz Link Explorer

Moz is among the best SEO tools which has a powerful keyword explorer tool. Moz has a ‘Search engine optimization tool feature’ that can review your site has a Keyword metrics.

This also have keyword metrics like monthly search volume and SERP analysis, meaning review of the top three websites ranking for that keyword.

Final Words

These are dozens of other search tools, software and websites are available which are not only free but greatly helpful for search engine optimization. Some tools are free while some are paid ones. It all depends on the available features and in-depth analysis offered by the tools.

Hope, you like this list. Feel free to visit our technology section to get to know more about latest tech developments and trends.

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