10 Best Social Media Sites For Social Media Marketing


The landscape of marketing has been changed.

More marketers prefer to run online campaigns instead of using traditional marketing.

If you are digital marketing beginner, you should be aware of all the social media sites for social media marketing.

Let’s explore!

10 Best Social Media Sites

best social media sites

1# Facebook

Facebook is one of the most famous and the most surfing sites in the world. Through, Facebook, you can connect with your family, friends and relatives on Facebook.

The good this is that you can promote your business via Facebook marketing.

2# WhatsApp

WhatsApp come after many years of Facebook but despite that it becomes famous and connects you with your friends easily in all over the world. You can use this app to market your business.

3# QQ

This app is basically launched in China and now it is used more than 85 countries. You can talk with your friends on QQ through video call, Chat and audio Call too.

4# We Chat

You can communicate to your family and friends on we chat through messaging and calling this app is similar to WhatsApp you can use this app for market your any project or promote your business or give your product knowledge to you friends.

5# Q Zone

Like WhatsApp, We chat and QQ , Q zone is also a social networking site you can contact with your friends on the Q zone through call and messages you ucan also share pictures make video calls and communicate with your friends on the Q zone.

6# Tumblr

Having been claimed by Yahoo since 2013, Tumblr fills in a social media life on small scale blogging stage that can be utilized to discover and follow things that you like. You can likewise use it to post anything, including mixed media, to a short-structure blog. Also, it gives you the flexibility to alter nearly everything.

7# Instagram

Instagram is the most famous app among all social sites you can share your photos and videos on Instagram thus you can make your best memory by sharing your memorable pictures on Instagram.

If you want to increase your fan following or want to increase your social network then you should have an account on Instagram and by using this app you can also increase your marketing.

8# Twitter

If you are interested to convey your message to the whole world then you can use twitter you can share your message having limited and short numbers of characters on twitter Twitter additionally makes it convenient to promote your organizations and even shop directly through tweets

9# Skype

If you want a connection with your friends in all over the world then you can make a call on skype.

Skype is very useful for all of you. you can make video and audio calls here and also can chat here with your loved ones you can also have conference call on skype thus skype is the most useable app for all of you.

10# Viber

Viber is the app which you can have more than 30 languages you can have text messages and voice messages options in the Viber not only this you can also share your photos, videos on the Viber you cam make your product marketing best on the Viber.

Wrapping Up

There are dozens of social media sites operating online. But these social media sites are widely used by the users.

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