5 Best Turkish Drama Series You Should Be Watch in 2020


Turkish drama series are becoming famous these days. Ertugural is one of them.

This season has made many people addicted and they have started Turkish drama series.

If you are a historical movie or season lover, then we are going to list best Turkish drama series which you’d love to see in 2020.

Best Turkish Drama Series

Best Turkish Drama Series 1

1# Alp Arslan

Son of chaghri Beg was Alp Arslan ruler of Iran and was the nephew of Toghril.

Since Nizam was a capable overseer as well as a administrator, Alp Arslan was allowed to do what he excelled at—in particular, battle the foes of Islam and join the Seljuk Empire. He faced his first test in 1064 when his dad’s cousin, Kutulmish, contradicted his progression and waged war against him.

You can watch the drama and know the complete detail about Alp Arslan.

2# Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Best Turkish Drama Series

Dirilis Ertugrul is a great historical drama of Turkey with the great knowledge about the Ertugrul (The father of Osman who was the founder of Ottoman Empire).

This drama gained fame not only in the Turkey but all over the world and if you want to watch a Turkish series with a lot of adventure and action, then you must watch Ertugrul.

3# Cukur

Are you interested to watch a good Turkish series with the best romance then you should watch Cukur drama series Cukur is a place situated in Istanbul and there is a family of kocovali who controlled this area.

This family is famous because of its power and if you want to know the more history about this you must watch this drama series.

4# Yunus Emre

Yunus Emre was a turkey poet As Mongol attacks are getting increasingly visit, Yunus goes to Nallihan where he sets up himself as Seldjuk official.

After joining Taptuk Emre’s dergâh (dervish religious community), he continues to follow his journey on turning into a dervish. To know more you should watch this drama to Yunus.

5# Payitaht Abdülhamid

Abdul Hamid was the last emperor in English is a Turkish historical  TV drama arrangement featuring Bülent Inal and Özlem Conker portraying recorded occasions during the rule of the 34th Ottoman Sultan, Abdul Hamid II.

If you are interested in this history you must watch this drama  to know about the Payitaht Abdul Hamid.

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