How To Stay Safe From Coronavirus While Travelling


Things were pretty well before December 2019 and suddenly we started to listen that a new viral disease has been reported from Wuhan, China.

This viral disease was Coronavirus which had already spread almost all countries and affected millions of people around the world.

Due to this worldwide pandemic, this COVID-19 has negatively impacted on many fields and industries in the world. Travel is one of the industries which is the most affect niche.

These days, Coronavirus is a serious disease and if you are a traveler, you must take care of yourself and ensure some necessary precautionary measures while travelling.

5 Basic Ways To Avoid Coronavirus While Travelling

How To Stay Safe From Coronavirus While Travelling

1# Frequently Wash Your Hands

First of all for avoiding corona you should wash your hands frequently for at least 20 to 30 seconds but you have to wash your hands after airport if you are travelling by plane.

You must keep hand sanitizer with you while travelling because you need it the most if you don’t have soap.

2# Do Not Touch Your Face With Unwashed Hands

To minimize the risk of corona, you should not touch your face with dirty or unwashed hands because this virus live some hours on the surface so you can be affected by touching your face with your unwashed hands.

3# Keep Social Distance

If someone is near you coughing, sneezing or a person with some other symptoms then  you must keep a 3 feet distance.

4# Clean Frequently Touched Objects With Sanitizers

In the event that you will remain in a hotel or any other place if you are abroad, ensure you book some place where you realize it will be perfect.

All things being equal, it doesn’t damage to registration with the staff and the executives to see whether they have tidied up your room altogether – or perhaps giving every now and again contacted objects a range with a disinfectant yourself.

5# Avoid Crowds

If you are on a place with a high number of corona virus so this is best for you to to stay away from that place.

You must take care about the precautions which the government and world health organization is telling to all the country.

6# Wear A Mask

Least but most important, you should wear a mask. If you think you have symptoms of corona virus like cough, sneezing, temperature then you must wear a mask so that you don’t affect others by your germs.



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